1. How do I login into ClubRunner?
  2. How do I reset my password / create a new account?
  3. How can I move my club to ClubRunner?
    • We have secured special pricing for the 5490 & 5510 merger
    • There are two ways to get signed up:
      • Send an email to Angel Aguirre at angel.aguirre1231@gmail.com and let her know that you want to move your club to Clubrunner
      • Send an email to Jeffrey Laforteza at Club Runner at jeffrey.laforteza@doxess.com.  Make sure to tell Jeffrey you are in the new District 5495 and are part of the Merger of Districts 5490 & 5510
  4. How much does ClubRunner cost?
    1. Special Pricing has been negotiated with ClubRunner for the Merger of District 5495.
      1. See the special pricing here.
  5. How do I change our Club Management System to ClubRunner?
    1. Login to MyRotary and follow the steps outlined here.
    2. Set up Automatic Integration With Rotary International: follow the instructions here.
  6. Where can I find more information for Secretaries & Treasurers?
    1. Goto Our Virtual Library for Club Secretary & Treasurer.
  7. Can I use ClubRunner to make my club newsletters?
    1. Yes: you can see a video on how to create a club newsletter / bulletin here.
  8. How do I enter an event in ClubRunner?
    1. Events for my CLUB: review step-by-step instructions here.
  9. Need more assistance with ClubRunner?
    1. Email your questions and request for assistance to Angel Aguirre.
  10. Need to contact ClubRunner directly?
    1. Contact ClubRunner directly using two Options: see the options here