Whether you are in GOVERNMENT, EDUCATION, or BUSINESS, this conference will explore how you can
encourage and equip your organization to work toward peaceful and more unifying outcomes.
Thursday, May 31st - 8:45 AM - 4:00 PM
Registration is Now Open ($40, includes lunch and snacks)
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How do your laws, statutes, policies, rules, procedures, and processes influence peaceable outcomes?
How do you view poverty, vulnerability, justice, and law enforcement, through the lens of peace?
Ramu Damodaran. Deputy Director for Partnership and Public Engagement in the United Nation's Department of Public Information. He has worked with the UN's Department of Peacekeeping and in the Executive Office of the Secretary-General, as well as an Ambassador with India's Foreign Service.
Dr. Christopher Zambakari. Zambakari Group and Professor, College of Global Studies at Cambridge Graduate University International. He is a Rotary Peace Fellow.
Zarrin Caldwell. International Visitor Liaison, U.S. Department of State. She is a Rotary Peace Fellow.
How do communities ensure that education increases social cohesion, economic development, and peace? 
How do we support youth to be more engaged with their communities and discover their chosen life path?
Paul K. Chappell. Peace Leadership Director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, an Iraq War veteran, West Point graduate, international speaker, and author of several books about waging peace, ending war, the art of living, and what it means to be human.
Amanda Rader. Amanda graduated in 2006 from University of Queensland with an MA in International Studies with a concentration in Peace and Conflict Studies.  Since she has worked primarily with youth in experiential education by facilitating cross-cultural interactions that expand understanding and promote collective well-being.She is a Rotary Peace Fellow.

How do your business competitiveness and economic productivity foster peaceful outcomes?
Are your business activities documented, transparent and regulated, making peace more likely?
Laurie Smolenski. Outreach and Development Officer, Institute for Economics and Peace. Laurie is a Global Peace Index Ambassador, whose role is to share the findings with the Rotary network. The four key areas of research are Measuring Peace, Positive Peace, Economics of Peace, and Understanding Risk. She is a Rotary Peace Fellow.
Jorge Meruvia. Jorge is Mexican and an alumnus of the Rotary Peace Fellowship with an MA in Public Administration in Tokyo, Japan. His field of expertise is the strengthening of civil society organizations, understanding that social development and community organization is a key component for more peaceful societies. He is a 2018 Global Peace Index Ambassador with the Institute for Economics and Peace. He is a Rotary Peace Fellow.
Summer Lewis. Summer graduated summa cum laude from Kansas State University with a bachelor's degree in Spanish, sociology, and women's studies and spent several years traveling and working with organizations focused on economic development at the grassroots level. She is a Rotary Peace Fellow.