Is your Rotary Club looking for a Vocational Service project? "The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona (TRVFA) is a non-profit organization under IRS Code 501(c)(3) whose purpose is to assist those people who qualify under Arizona law to obtain financial assistance to further their vocational studies." For additional information, visit our website at 

The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona has set a record for grants during the 2023-24 year with six weeks to go.  The tally right now is $296,861.35 for 153 vocational students.  The preponderance of studies are Certified Nursing Assistants 36%, CDL Truck Drivers 18% and Nursing 10%. 
On the flip side contributions to TRVFA are lagging.   At present, CLUB and individual contributions stand at $231,167.16 statewide for the year.  The top 3 giving Clubs in District 5495 are Mesa West at $27,226, Prescott Frontier at $12,042, and Kyrene at $9,500.
Club contributions statewide have slowed compared to last year - $29,070 so far this year versus $80,881.74 for the entirety of last year.  While the 2023 tax credit deadline has passed, now is still a good time for individuals to make a contribution to TRVFA for the 2024 tax year. 
Funds are available for future grants though somewhat limited.  For the first time in the last few years, we may have to halt acceptance of new applications temporarily if our reserves drop below a benchmark established by our board at our April board meeting.  National authorities have concluded that vocational study participation has increased sixteen percent.  Time for ALL ROTARIANS TO HELP!
The board of TRVFA is asking EVERY ROTARIAN and Arizona taxpayer in the district to take advantage of the Arizona Credit for Contributions to Qualified Charitable Organizations by donating to TRVFA.  If you support the program you will get a dollar-for-dollar offset off your Arizona tax.  Single taxpayers can take a credit for donations up to $ 421.00.  Married couples filing jointly can take a credit for donations up to $841.00.  The QCO code for TRVFA is 20698.
  •  To learn more about TRVFA go to
  •  Mailing address for TRVFA is PO Box 14412, Scottsdale, AZ  85267
  •  CLICK HERE to donate online
Thank you for all you do to support ROTARY.

By John Yaeger
Rotary Club of Surprise

The Rotary Club of Surprise, Arizona, recently sponsored a student for a grant from The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona, Inc. (TRVFA).  

This is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to assist candidates in obtaining financial assistance in furthering their vocational studies.  Grants are awarded up to $2,000 and paid directly to a school on behalf of the recipient.  In this recent case, we’ll call our beneficiary “Nikki” to protect her privacy.

Nikki lives in Surprise, Arizona with her husband and five children!  The last two were twins—born prematurely—and had to stay in the hospital for several weeks.  During her daily visits, she became friendly with many nurses.  Some were not only competent, and passionate, but formed a bond with Nikki as they joyfully took a personal interest in monitoring the health of her twins.  This experience had a profound influence on the young mother of five.  As a result, she set a new course that involved her passion for helping people.

Nikki participates in her church’s activities and helps those less fortunate parishioners by making extra food and taking it to them.  During my interview with her, it became clear that I was speaking with a community-minded, caring person.  She was under no illusions as to how much time and money was needed to invest in becoming a nurse, but still enquired about getting into this field.

The nurses taking care of her babies explained the path for Nikki to become a nurse.  At this stage, she would have to attend a vocational school and become a Certified Nursing Assistant.  With that accreditation, she could start working in the medical field.  Nikki told me that she worked out a plan to take care of her family while she was at school: her husband worked flexible hours and they were on the cusp of finding a trusted, nearby babysitter for those in-between times.  Although this was still going to be a demanding schedule and school program, the entire family was “all in!”

The school also understands the challenges and was accommodating by offering a flexible schedule which included weekends.

Nikki told me that the tuition for the vocational school was unaffordable for the six-week program.  With TRVFA we were able to help someone’s dream come true—and in a field that would enable her to help others.  This is what is commonly known as a “win-win!”  It was a good feeling for me to have played a small part in making this happen; a very good reason to be a proud member of The Rotary.

By PDG Jeanie Morgan
TRVFA Board Chair
We are experiencing the highest level of grant application activity that I have seen since joining the board in the spring of 2018.
Sadly, our donations this year have not shown similar growth - in fact, we are behind where we were at this point last year.
In order to continue to meet the needs of our applicants, we need both the number of donors and the average donation of each donor to increase.  We would also encourage donations from clubs and other individuals and organizations with like values.  
We have a dream of increasing the amount of our maximum available grant to keep up with inflationary impacts on the cost of vocational education programs.  There are additional improvements we would like to make to our program, but they are only dreams until our revenue stream increases.
We will not be able to make our vision become reality without the help and advocacy of our donors.  Please be our voice with your friends, family and associates.  Share the opportunity to help those in need get vocational education in order to create a better future for themselves and their families.
Four Peaks Rotary Foundation made a generous $5,000 donation to The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona.  l-r in the photo are:  Julie Ewald, Club President, Allan Cady, TRVFA President, Tim Taylor, Foundation Treasurer, and Sue Hendershott, Secretary of the FPR Foundation.  This is the fourth consecutive fiscal year that Four Peaks Rotary has elected to provide significant financial support to TRVFA through their charitable foundation.  Their consistent support is very much appreciated!
This is where we are as of March 20, 2024.  We still have a little over three months in our current fiscal year.  In addition to the grants already funded, eight more grants totaling $16,000 have been approved, and will soon be funded.  Twelve more have been referred to Rotary Clubs for our required Rotary Club Sponsorship Screening Interview, and an additional dozen applications are in our processing system.  Our application process is open year-round, so new applications will continue to come in.
If you've already completed your vocational education and are working in the State of Arizona, you likely have a state income tax obligation.  What you might not realize is that you might be able to offset some or all of that obligation by making a donation to TRVFA.  Donations made by April 15 can be used to offset your 2023 or 2024 tax obligation - but not both!
If you do decide to make a donation to help us help others the way we helped you, when completing the on-line form, say you are a "grant recipient" where the form asks how you heard about us.
We are a Qualifying Charitable Organization with the State of Arizona.  Our QCO Code is 20698.  Individual tax filers can claim a tax credit for donations up to $421.00.  Those filing joint returns can claim a tax credit up to $841.00.
As Rotarians, that’s the opportunity we all have through The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona (TRVFA). 
Thus far during the 2023-2024 Rotary year, $219,288 in grants have been awarded versus $142,433 in contributions.  Our goal for total contributions remains at $350,000.  As is normally the case, donations increase strongly between now and the tax-filing deadline of April 15.
In addition to making a contribution, what else can you, as a Rotarian, do to promote TRVFA?  You must be READY and WILLING to assist with this very worthwhile cause.
  • Encourage your club to make a club contribution.
  • Be involved in the interview process to sponsor a qualified applicant for a grant
  • Encourage other Rotarians and friends to support TRVFA with their donations
  • Help educate your club members on the tax-credit benefit of giving to our Qualifying Charitable Organization
  • Too help educate your club, CLICK HERE to request a club presentation
  • Stay in touch with students your club has sponsored
  • Educate the students on Rotary – what we stand for, and what we do
CLICK HERE to make an online donation
Krista Solomon was appointed as a Director on the board of The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona in March, 2023. She is the Executive Director of Acoya Troon Scottsdale Senior Living Community.

Krista has been a member of the Rotary Club of Anthem since September, 2016. She served as their Club President in 2019-2022. In 2022-23, Krista served as her club’s Vocational Service Chair in addition to serving as an Assistant Governor in Rotary District 5495.

Kristi shared the following indicating the “why” for her willingness to take on a leadership role in TRVFA:

“Having worked in Health Care for several years I have personally witnessed the impact of an entry level staff rise through vocational training. As a Rotarian I see the value through the TRVFA and supporting this important program. Scholarships provide access to education and training for individuals who may not otherwise be able to afford it. By removing barriers, scholarships increase access to training and education allowing individuals to pressure in fields they may have not previously considered. In addition, through TRVFA individuals’ who are already in the workforce to advance their careers by providing them with the necessary education and training. This will lead to increased job opportunities, higher salaries, and better job security. Overall, scholarships for vocational training and career advancement are an important tool for promoting access to education and training, advancing careers, driving economic growth, and addressed skill shortages. “