Provided by the Rotary Action Group for Peace
1. That everyone is educated about Peace, is engaged in Peacebuilding, and feels empowered to take action to grow Peace.
2. That each person recognizes that all people are different, each deserving of basic human respect, and showing that respect for each other.
3. Each person understands that respect for one another is greater than our differences, whether they be differences of nationality, political beliefs, religious beliefs, opinion, race, nationality, dress, or any other difference.
4. Each person educates themselves on the differences between individuals and seeks to find and celebrate the commonalities.
5. Each person teaches their children peace, mutual respect, and to behave in a fashion that does not allow for bigotry, hatred or anger.
6. That Rotary Clubs undertake projects in communities which have been disrupted by disaster or conflict with an emphasis on empathy and understanding for all those affected.
7. That Rotary Clubs invest in working with children and communities in teaching mutual respect, understanding and compassion. To set aside differences together to unravel a history of conflict.
8. That Rotarians work with themselves, their families, their communities, their regions and countries to lay the groundwork for Peace and a transition from conflict to sustainable Peace. Thus building intentional Peace with the goal of having resilient, cohesive communities.
9. Ending war is not enough. Wishing for an end to conflicts, and in its place create sustainable Peace stretching from the individual through the community to the country level.

10. That the citizens of every country are sufficiently empowered to decide through peaceful democratic means that their countries government choose Peace.