1.  Measure their thoughts, words, and actions against the 4 Way
2.  Respect for all peoples and all professions.
3.  Build healthy communities through disease prevention, clean
water efforts, and sanitation projects.
4.  Build healthy families through family health, child and maternal
health initiatives.
5.  Build resilient communities through empowerment of females and
marginalized groups, educational initiatives, and economic
development projects.
6.  Help victims of wars and natural disasters through a variety of
initiatives; including disaster response, resilience building through
empathy programs, and support of refugees.
7.  Have welcoming, inclusive Rotary/Rotaract Clubs
8.  Build long term friendships and relationships without thought of a
9.  Seek to educate oneself and the Club on the global perspective of
10.  Seek to be the conduit for creating Hope in the World.