This summer, ASU Rotaract successfully completed its second annual “Traveling Trophy” fundraiser, a project they hope to continue.

This fundraiser acts as a friendly competition amongst various Rotary clubs to raise money for a non-profit organization. The Rotary club with the highest donations overall receives a trophy to champion until the next Traveling Trophy Fundraiser! The trophy, a lovable little robot, was donated by a Rotarian who hoped to see this tin companion be used in a donation drive for veterans.

For this iteration of the Traveling Trophy fundraiser, the organization of choice was Arizona Veteran Fly Fishing (AVFF), a subset of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF). This non-profit organization is dedicated to helping in physically and emotionally healing veterans through fly fishing as well as various educational activities and outings.

For veterans suffering from PTSD, the solace of calm waters and companions who can relate to their experiences is a godsend. Tying fishing line also helps those with prosthetic limbs exercise their motor skills. The major positive impact that PHWFF has had on numerous lives couldn’t have been made possible without the help of generous donations and volunteers.

For this reason, ASU Rotaract is proud to announce that over $2,000 in donations were raised to help AVFF. In addition to that, Tempe South Rotary Club was the reigning king of the fundraiser, providing the most donations out of all participating Rotary clubs.

ASU Rotaract hopes to have another successful launch of this fundraiser next year! For that, any candidate suggestions for non-profit organizations to fundraise for would be greatly appreciated.

Contact ASU Rotaract at to send in your suggestions.

If you’d like to learn more about Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, check them out at