Congratulations Chandler on your new Family Advocacy Center. An advocacy center is a comprehensive, victim-focused program based in a facility that allows law enforcement, child protection professionals, prosecutors, victim advocates, forensic interviewers, medical professionals and mental health providers to work together when intervening and investigating violent crimes against children and adults.
The members of the Chandler Horizon Rotary Club realize that this may be a very difficult time in a person's life, especially a young child who is forced to leave everything behind. "Some kids have a lot to carry, but little of their own." Many children will have experienced violence and suddenly find themselves separated from their parents or siblings. They are scared, alone and in desperate need of comfort.
The club is donating 45 "Buddy Bags," which are bags filled with a few basic essential items for children in emergency situations. They include:
1) a small stuffed animal—Beanie Baby
2) a mini deck of cards
3) a small coloring book and packet of crayons
4) a toothbrush and mini tube of toothpaste
6) A granola bar and small bottle of water
7) Fruit Snacks