As we learned in the Area 8 story in February, Chandler Horizon had a group of Rotarians who helped out in the Houston area after the devastating floods.
In a nutshell, they:
  • raised over $43,000 since December
  • spent 900 to 1000 volunteer hours rehabbing a single-mom, Army veteran's home in Houston
  • made 20 trips to the Home Depot
  • laid 2,100-square-feet of flooring
  • painted over 4,000-square-feet of walls and ceilings
  • painted and installed over 800-linear-feet of floor base and door trim
  • installed 13 doors, two toilets; two bathroom sinks; kitchen cabinets, kitchen sink, stove, microwave; five canister lights; outside siding
  • built an interior wall
  • refurbished the front etched-glass door
But most of all, they built goodwill and better friendships, along with killing about seven dozen donuts!
Rotary: Making a difference one life at a time.