Rotarians are well known for their fondness for Rotary pins – whether they be pins promoting a club, a cause, or a convention.
Dayna Gustke, a member of the Rotary Club of Tempe Downtown, may be our district’s No. 1 collector of Rotary pins!
Dayna, who is club secretary for the Rotary Club of Tempe Downtown, is the proud owner of a Rotary Pin Sash that was inspired by her mother, Lynn Gustke, who passed away last year.
Dayna began her Rotary career on Sept. 12, 2011. Her mother, Lynn, was in Rotary since 1997, and started to collect Rotary Pins throughout the years. She passed on in January 2021 due to COVID, and left over 100 Rotary Pins behind. Dayna purchased a sash on Amazon, and began putting all the pins collected throughout time on this sash. 
Dayna recalls her mother attending a “ton of Rotary events” when she first joined the Rotary Club of Tempe East, and that was when the pin collection first started.
Today, Dayna has a total of 251 Rotary pins – and she intends to continue building her collection.