Submitted by PDG Barb Feder, District 5495 DEI Chair
No doubt about it, DEI has become such a politicized and puzzling topic to so many of us. 
The thread of DEI was carefully woven throughout or recent Rotary Institute where I was so pleased to hear Kieran Singh Sirah speak. Kieran is the President of the International Storytelling Center and believes that storytelling can not only enrich lives, but holds the key to building a conflict-free society.
Think about it in relation to bringing diversity to our Rotary Clubs!  Every culture in the world has its own history and stories and every person within those diverse cultures has a different perspective and life story to share.  That means the more diverse our clubs can be, the richer they will be in their Experiences, Stories and History!
I left that session with a smile on my face because of that nugget Kieran shared with us.  Do you want your club to be enriched with different cultures around you? It’s easy-Diversity. 
Your club and community will be all the better for it.