My Rotary family!

April 2021 is upon us.  For me, April means Spring, flowers, gorgeous weather, baseball, my broken March Madness bracket, my birthday month, picnics, outdoor activities – it’s just a really excellent month!  
This year, it comes with a completely deeper sense of gratitude.  A little over one year ago, we found ourselves shut down due to the COVID-19 virus.  Our streets were empty.  No one was on the highway.  Businesses closed.  Many of us thought it would just be for a few weeks, few us of us thought it would last a full year.  Now, the COVID-19 vaccine is making its way around the state.  Social Distancing restrictions are loosening, and a new beginning is here.  We are slowly able to see more people, connect, and “feel” the closeness that we have missed this past year.  I am so grateful.  Each hug and act of personal kindness feels deeper.
Even still, many of our neighbors need us.  So, as you know, instead of a traditional District Conference, we are launching our first ever “Rotary Week of Service!” April 17 – 24.  I was explaining the concept to someone and I said – Rotarians serve ALL year long.  Our fellow Rotarians are amazing humans doing beautiful things.  We are going to bring that energy together into one week, where we all are serving simultaneously.  
The projects are simply wonderful.  Take a look!
You have created projects that will help our homeless and there are peace projects, planting tree projects, food drives, highway cleanups, veterans projects, and so much more!  THANK YOU!!!  Arizona is going to see the great work that Rotarians do! And we are promoting your service work statewide.   
So you know when a small idea just keeps growing better and better due to teamwork and collaboration?  That’s what happened here.  Our wonderful friends at American Furniture Warehouse loved our Rotary week of service and agreed to come on as a partner.  Rotary week of service is going to be featured on ABC15, billboards, and print ads all across the state!  Invite your friends and family, and come join us in service!
Rotarians never lose site of what’s important.  They never lose the vision of Rotary.  Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.  Thank you Rotarians! YOU are People of Action!
Have an amazing April!
Elizabeth Mahoney
District Governor, Rotary International District 5495
Rotary Club of Sun City
Upcoming Events:
Rotary Week of Service: April 17th – April 24th
Club Leadership Academy: May 1st
Rotary Leadership Institute: June 26th
District Wide Celebration and Installation – July 10th