Posted by DEI Chair PDG Barb Feder
Why DEI?
Rotarians have never shrunk away from hard issues.  As a matter of fact, they usually rush in when help is needed.  I know how controversial Diversity, Equity & Inclusion can be, but our world is on fire with social injustice and misunderstanding......and yet Rotary International’s DEI statement, without all the fireworks, is simply a commitment to create an organization that is more open and inclusive, is fair to all, builds goodwill and benefits communities.  Sound familiar? Sounds a lot like our Four Way Test doesn’t it?
Armed with our Four Way Test & Core Values, we can help put out those fires and create lasting change!  We can build membership and service in communities we haven’t been able to reach before.
More DEI materials and training is on the way to the RI Learning Center.
Please be sure to contact me if you’d like your DEI Task Force Coordinator to speak to your club!  Be sure to read “The Company We Keep” in the April issue of the “Rotary” magazine.