Posted by DEI Chair PDG Barb Feder

Diversity refers to inclusion of people from many groups. It is a source of innovation, as well as one of Rotary’s core values. Having members with different backgrounds and viewpoints gives your club a broader understanding of the community, its problems, and possible solutions. Strive to have a group of members who offer the club diverse skills, talents, and experiences. If your club includes different ethnicities, ages, and cultures, as well as a good gender balance, it will have greater capacity to serve your community and communities around the world. Equally important is creating a culture of inclusion, where these differences are respected, supported, and valued.


Conduct a diversity assessment and act on its results to:
• Raise your members’ awareness of the diversity in your community
• Build member support for increasing diversity
• Diversify your club to better represent the working professionals in your community


Dedicate time in a series of club meetings to conducting each step of your member diversity assessment. Choose a facilitator (the membership committee chair, a committee member, or the club president) who is comfortable talking about diversity and passionate about the need for greater diversity in your club. Or consider inviting a diversity and inclusion leader to talk to your club. This activity should involve all club members so that they all have a stake in the process. Greater inclusion will increase awareness and support for future action.
Diversifying your club is not just about including a mix of people. It’s also about working well together.  
Our District 5495 DEI Task Force will be reaching out to your club to schedule a DEI program and help you with your club's diversity assessment.
Feel free to contact us with any questions!
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