The bronze sculpture of Paul Harris holding a young child in his arms has been repurposed.  This sculpture was generously donated to the District by the Mesa Rotary club. The Paul Harris bronze will become a District award that will be awarded to one of the clubs in District 5495.  The award will be known as the End Polio Now Champions Award.
There are two (2) metrics that will be used to determine the awardee:  1. Overall club giving to the PolioPlus fund and 2.  Per capita giving to the PolioPlus fund.  Per capita giving will receive a higher weighting than overall giving. As an example, Club A is number 6 in overall club giving and number 4 in per capita giving.  Using a weight of 1.25 club A has a total ranking of 11. (6 + 1.25*4 = 11)  Club B is number 8 in overall club giving and number 2 in per capita giving.  Club B has an overall ranking of 10.5.  (8  + 1.25*2 = 10.5)  Since club B has a lower overall total they would be the winner. Rankings will be calculated for each club in the District using the PolioPlus report from Rotary Club Central. Results will be reported quarterly with the first report coming in January.  While it has not yet been determined, it is likely that only the top 10 or 15 clubs will be reported rather than reporting the ranking of all clubs in the District.  If your club is not in that group you likely have some work to do.  The ranking for all clubs however will be calculated and available upon request.
You should make it your club goal to be the first recipient of this newly created award.  The award will be made each year at the District Conference.  The cutoff date for determining the year’s winner will vary year to year based on the date of the District Conference.  Keep in mind that Rotary International can be a little slow in getting information on donations posted to Rotary Club Central. If your club is serious about earning this award, donations to the PolioPlus fund sooner than later would be a good idea.