Global Grant #11529067 - Hepatitis Free Mongolia
This is a collaborative project between the Flagstaff Rotary Club, Ulaanbaatar Rotary Club and FIRE - Flagstaff International Relief Effort. Meredith Potts We raised $112,264 from 31 Rotary Clubs, 17 individuals, 8 Districts, representing 6 countries. You can view a complete list of donors here.
The project was successfully implemented in 2017. We were able to save 15.5% of the budge. The excess funds were used to train and educate 10 times the health care workers than we proposed. In short, this project accomplished the below in 6 weeks! You can view a more detailed report here.
The main activity of this project was a comprehensive liver screening. 5,107 people were screened. Additional activities included training health care workers, advocacy meetings with community leaders, and community awareness activities.
36% of the people seen through this project received some kind of first-time liver-related diagnosis. 1,1812 people are now empowered with vital health information to change and save their lives.
Global Grant #1864800 - Hepatitis Free Mongolia, Phase 2 - We need YOUR support!!
We are doing the project again in the fall of 2019! We have expanded the activities to include prevention activities and treatment for those without health insurance. You can read a summary of the project activities here. We have also created a Rotary Only Tour Trip in Mongolia built around the start of this project in September 2019. For more information about this trip click here.
We have raised $150,000 of the $200,000 budget. We have one month to raise the remaining $50,000. This includes the Rotary Foundation match. So we only need $35,000 from Rotary Clubs and individuals.