Does your club’s website represent Rotary’s Image? 
The District Public Image Committee has many tools available for you to use to evaluate your website in the privacy of your home, office or club.
One tool, a checklist, addresses all the points needed to have your Rotary Club website represent Rotary well and be recognized as a Rotary Website.
In the next couple of weeks, an email will go out to all of the District Assistant Governors seeking their assistance in identifying a Rotarian in their Area who can serve as the Public Image Champion for their Area.
Within the next few months, the District Public Image Committee will be contacting each Rotary Club in the district to identify opportunities where their club websites and other collateral can better mirror Rotary International’s Public Image guidelines.
The Public Image Committee, The Marketing Committee and The Membership Committee will be teaming up to develop a campaign to gain new members for Rotary.  This Promises to be a fantastic campaign with some great potential.  Stay tuned for more information on this trifecta.  This will be a win - win - win for all Rotarians!
Submitted by: Bob Murray
District Public Image Chair