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We are constantly amazed and inspired by the resourcefulness, generosity and determination of Rotarians to help others.  In light of our current coronavirus challenges the Governor Line thought that we would share a few of the wonderful service ideas from District Rotarians that are high priority given the current pandemic and pending deadlines:

Clean Water Emergency in the Navajo Nation:  You may have learned that there is a terrible outbreak of COVID-19 in the Navajo Nation, including right here in northeast Arizona.  (HuffPost ArticleAlbuquerque Journal Article)  Bottom line: lack of clean water has severely impacted the ability of the Navajo to adhere to hygiene protocol and has led to one of the worst concentrations of COVID-19 in our region, which has certainly been exacerbated by inadequate healthcare facilities.  Our Navajo Water Project Global Grants are focused on the long-term solution of home-by-home water-system installations, but there is an urgent need for general sources of clean water across the Navajo Nation.  Our partner in the Water Project, DigDeep, is racing to make clean water available to the Navajo to give them a chance to stop the spread of the virus.  For more information, contact DG David at   To support this critical Rotarian-led initiative for clean water visit


Support for our local Food Banks:  We know that thousands of Arizonans have lost part of all of the income that carried them from week-to-week — impacting their ability to pay the rent and put food on the table.  One of the largest food bank operations in Arizona recently reported that from the first two weeks of March to the last two weeks of March, personal inquiries about availability of food increased an astounding 700%.  We have learned that the best way to support the food banks is by making a monetary contribution since they have purchasing power that makes our dollars go further.  Please consider supporting a local food bank near you.

Protecting our Dedicated Healthcare Professionals:  Healthcare systems across the state have been calling for home-made masks, gowns and, in some cases, even face shields  that can be used as a back-up should they run out of the professional grade protective equipment.  Just this week Banner Health put out a request for home-sewers to make 100 thousand (i.e. 100,000) home-made masks.  While Banner can use your help, feel free to check with your local health care providers to see if you might be of assistance to them in making masks, gowns or even face-shields to cover any potential deficit.  (And don’t forget to make a mask for yourself, your neighbors, family and loved ones to keep everyone safe.)  For ideas, mask and gown patterns and tutorials and information on donating home-made items, contact Penny Blazej at

Arizona Qualified Charitable Tax Credit:  While this is not a coronavirus-specific request, remember that if you have not already taken advantage of your 2019 AZ Qualified Charitable Tax Credit opportunity you have until April 15 (this deadline has not been extended) to make a contribution that can reduce last year’s Arizona taxes dollar-for-dollar.  In other words, for most AZ taxpayers this allows you to redirect dollars that otherwise would end up in the Arizona general revenue fund.  For more information and limits, visit AZ Credits

Two Rotary related projects can be served by donations under this AZ Qualified Charity Tax Credit.  1) The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona gives worthy individuals the opportunity through training and education scholarships to change careers and at the same time improve the future for themselves and their families.  This could be particularly impactful with the disruption in careers caused the coronavirus.  For more information, or to donate, click TRVFA.  2) Our Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) camps make giving back a part of the experience for the campers.  The food-packing program is something to behold and is one of the most memorable elements of the RYLA experience.  To support the food-packing program at RYLA, click RYLA Foodpacking.

For even MORE IDEAS to serve during the COVID-19 outbreak....visit the landing page and COVID-19 information at  In the interim, please accept our deep appreciation for reflecting what Rotarians are — People of Action!

DG David Simmer

DGE Elizabeth Mahoney

DGN Bret McKeand

DGD Larry Horton