Posted by Madelynn Mac Donald
7th Annual Conference a Success!
Our largest conference of the year — Interact District Conference— was held this past February 22. It was an extremely successful event, due to a number of things. We were able to have this wonderful conference at the beautiful Canyon View High School with the help of their Interactors and the Goodyear Pebble Creek Rotary Club. Though it was a rainy day, that did not stop the enthusiasm of all our AGs and our 230 attendees. 
                  Our attendees were able to experience four amazing breakout sessions. They helped pack a giant container with all the mobility devices our clubs collected throughout the year. They also learned how to solve their Interact club’s problems and learned more about mental health. Finally, our Interactors were able to create homeless care kits. With this breakout session, we were able to pack and  donate 230 homeless care kits to a local homeless shelter. This is the very first time we did something like this, and I am really proud to say it was this successful. These breakout sessions would not have gone this great without the wonderful work of the Assistant Governors. They worked hard for months to make sure the attendees were able to get the best experience.
                  We were also able to have two wonderful speakers: David Talbot and Bob Solis. David spoke about his nonprofit organization, Crutches 4 Africa, with whom we partner. After his wonderful speech, the Ambassadors to Kenya and Mexico was announced. In our afternoon assembly, Bob Solis talked about the power of Rotary and his own organization which helps orphan kids in South Africa whose parents died from HIV/AIDS. 
                  Our IDC committee did a wonderful job of planning of this conference. They spent a lot of time planning which breakout sessions to do and arranging to provide a wonderful lunch from Chipotle. Asa Marette, who is the Executive Assistant Governor, was the head of the Conference Committee. She truly did an amazing job of planning and executing of this conference. Also, I would like to say a special thank you to all of you from Rotary who were able to attend parts or all of our conference.  Know that you are always welcome!