Posted by Meredith Syms

Interact Club Spotlight Bradshaw Mountain 

Over the years, there have been many different Interact Clubs all over the state of Arizona that have stood out. Bradshaw Mountain High School has been a club that has participated in many unique service projects and produced some of the best student leaders. One service event the school has been apart of for the past few years is, running the “Kids Zone” at the Prescott Valley Balloon Fest. The festival is ran by a Prescott Rotary Club and is a fun night of live music, food and hot air balloons. The kid’s zone is an area where kids can listen to music, get their faces painted and participate in a glow party. Unfortunately, this year's fest was the last hurrah for the Prescott Valley Rotary Club. Now, Bradshaw Mountain High School’s Interact club that has about 75-100 members is in the process of being adopted by the Prescott Frontier Rotary Club. Although sometimes it can be hard to adjust under a new sponsor, I have no doubt this Interact club will continue to thrive and make an impact over the years. Not only has this Interact club been able to play a part in service projects, they have also generated wonderful student leaders. One of these leaders is, Jazael Carrasco who was an Assistant Governor two years ago. He was an amazing asset to the club and was an advisor to Kenya on the trip our current District Governor, Madelyn MacDonald attended. Jazael has gone onto now being an active member of the Rotaract club at the University of Arizona. Clubs like Bradshaw Mountain are a prominent example of what it means to be apart of Rotary and Interact and how working with peers can really lead to making a difference.