Posted by Madelynn Mac Donald
                  October 19th was one of the most important days for all of the Interactors in Arizona: Fall Leadership Conference. This is where all the officers or potential leaders of Interact clubs, along with the club advisors, come together for a conference that is full of learning and bonding. Their Assistant Governors teach them how to grow as a successful leader and to improve their clubs. We were hosted by the Wickenburg Interact and Rotary Clubs on the beautiful campus of Wickenburg High School, including using the Del E. Web Center for the Performing Arts, which is also located on that campus.
         We had two outstanding guest speakers: DG David Simmer and Rotarian Life Coach Sarah Kay Harrison. Their stories truly motivated the audience and demonstrated the power of Rotary. DG David reminded the audience that many people do not know the great work of Rotary and Interact, and he encouraged us to showcase it.  Sarah Kay taught the leaders how to be the most successful person they have the potential to be. Both speakers were inspiring and they made the conference even better.
         I would like to take this opportunity to showcase the amazing work of the Interact Assistant Governors. They worked extremely hard to make this conference go perfectly. It was a strenuous process, involving long meetings that happened every week. The AGs were able to utilize four break-out sessions to do their best to assure the officers at the conference were able to take away valuable information and to have the best possible experience.
         There has been some exciting news in the Interact world. We will be chartering the very first Native American Interact Club in Arizona at the Piñon High School on the Navajo Reservation. This would not be able to happen without the help of Dr. Robert LaBarge, who will serve as the Faculty Advisor, PDG Don LaBarge, who will serve as the Rotarian Advisor, and sponsorship by the Mesa West Rotary Club.
         I hope everyone will have a wonderful month and Thanksgiving! If you have questions about Interact in our district, feel free to contact me (!