23 New Members!!
Our district has welcomed 23 new Rotarians from September to October. What a great thing to celebrate! This is ALL because of the wonderful things YOU are doing in your clubs, every day. I am so excited to recognize and celebrate the clubs that have had an increase in their membership! No one knows better than you, the time and effort that it takes to see such a great impact.
September to October 2018
The White Tanks Rotary Club of Verrado is A CLUB IN ACTION! They share their story in how they attract and engage members.  
White Tanks Rotary of Verrado, formerly White Tanks Rotary of Goodyear moved to the Main Street Community of Verrado in April, 2018. There were a few Verrado residents interested in joining Rotary and had been waiting for a club to come to their community.
Since April, the club has grown from six active members with four honorary members to 24 active members and four honorary members. All members hit the ground running as a very large fundraiser was being planned for November. Committees were formed, the Rotary Club of Buckeye and the newly formed Satellite of Pebble Creek Club, Rotary Club of Verrado, were asked to partner with White Tanks of Verrado Club in this endeavor. The three clubs have been working side by side to bring Sizzlin Steak Showdown to Buckeye on November 3rd.
Social media has played an important role in bringing new members. A Facebook page for White Tanks Rotary of Verrado was created, as well as a page for Sizzlin Steak Showdown. The weekly meetings which always include a speaker are advertised on Facebook as well as other community calendars. Posts are made daily and members are encouraged to share with their friends. The membership includes a wide age span and five married couples are members.
New members are encouraged to find what they are most passionate about and then get involved with what is already established or to create something new. A new members class will be starting soon to assist in educating new members about Rotary. All officers and potential officers will participate in a leadership retreat as well.
In addition to the November fundraiser, two new Interact Clubs have been started in local high schools.
Working together, White Tanks Rotary of Verrado is making a difference in their community.
A BIG thank you to the White Tanks Rotary of Verrado for sharing some fantastic tips that are working for their club. I also want to extend a very warm welcome to their newest members. Welcome to Rotary! One thing that I love is how they get their members involved every day. Attracting new members is an important membership goal, but KEEPING members engaged is probably our biggest challenge. Thank you for a great reminder in finding what is important to each person.
Remember that our newsletters are a great way to stay involved and participate in local district events. This can provide ideas for finding new passions as well as opportunities to partner with local Rotary clubs. 
We will continue to celebrate clubs each month and will have additional best practices from clubs that are making an impact on membership, right now, just like you! Keep up the great work!