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Engaging alumni to strengthen Rotary

Each year, thousands of people become part of the family of Rotary by participating in Rotary programs, including Rotary Peace Fellowships, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), and New Generations Service Exchange. After a positive experience in these programs, Rotary alumni often wish to join a Rotary or Rotaract club. In a recent Membership Feedback Survey, Rotary found that:

    •    52% of membership candidates in our online membership leads system are current or former Rotary program participants or scholarship recipients 

    •    41% of Rotary program participants would like more information about Rotary membership 

If you want to help alumni continue their Rotary journey, here are three ways to engage them: 

    •    Feature their success stories in your club and district communications to show that you value their dedication to service. 

    •    Invite them to participate in your club and district service projects and social events.  

    •    Work with your district alumni chair to find your local alums and get in touch with them. 

Learn how District 7780 (Maine and New Hampshire, USA) engaged with program participants to start the Rotary Club of New Voices District 7780, a dynamic club of younger professionals who are alumni of the district’s RYLA program. 

Ultimately, when we make alumni feel appreciated and show them how their contributions enhance Rotary, we strengthen our organization and increase Rotary’s capacity to do good in the world. 


The State of Rotary Membership

COVID-19 has posed new and previously unimagined challenges. But within every challenge can be an opportunity. The new State of Rotary Membership presentation shows how Rotary is doing as of 1 July 2020. The 13-slide PowerPoint presentation can be shared and is easily customizable to meet your region’s needs.

Hybrid meetings keep all members engaged

As some communities ease restrictions meant to control the spread of COVID-19, it’ll be more important than ever for clubs to offer their members flexible participation options. Several leaders in Zones 33 and 34 developed the Hybrid Rotary Meetings technology guide to help club leaders navigate the intricacies of holding meetings in person and online at the same time. Read more about how to make the transition and keep all members engaged.