Posted by Ashton Bialek-Kling
Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well.
The council has now jumped right into the swing of things and our Assistant Governors are contacting Rotary and Interact clubs around the district. We have about 80 Interact clubs around the district so our district council is sure to stay busy. On top of the day to day responsibilities of the District council, we are planning our first district conference. The Fall Leadership Committee is planning a virtual Fall Leadership Conference which we hope will be more accessible and will provide much needed information to our Interact clubs on how to function during the current situation. The Fall Leadership conference will be Saturday, October 24th, and is a great experience for both club officers and club advisors.
Another thing that will be virtual this year is what would have been Ponderosa RYLA. Virtual RYLA will be held October 9thand 10th.While it is not a full RYLA experience, it will still contain the essence of RYLA and give delegates confidence and leadership skills. The application process has been streamlined quite a bit and participants of Virtual RYLA can still attend an in-person RYLA when that is possible again. This is a great opportunity to get people excited about Rotary and Interact when we cannot use the conventional methods, like club fairs or assemblies, like we are used to.
This year is especially challenging for our Interacts clubs because they cannot meet as a club and hold service projects like they used to. On the bright side, it is easier for club members to connect with Rotarians because the travel distance has been reduced to zero, thanks to online zoom calls. If you would like to connect with your Interact clubs, we can connect you with the club and the Assistant Governor assigned to the club. You can always contact me at ashtonkling34@gmail.comor Art at Don’t forget that Interact is the start of the chain that leads all the way to Rotary.
Thank you, and stay safe!