As Rotary and Interact members, all of us want the world to become the best possible place it can be.
We all plan projects, raise funds and attend events that will get us to our goals. Since Interact is a student-led club, it might be a little harder for us to reach our goals without the right amount of training. This is why the Interact District Council plans and leads a Fall Leadership Conference each year. This is a conference where the Assistant Governors teach their assigned clubs’ leaders how to have a successful year.
Now, I talked briefly about it in my last article, but here is more information. This conference,
which is on October 19 at Wickenburg High School, is totally unique. It gives the club leaders a chance to
meet face to face with their Assistant Governor to plan and prepare for a perfect year.
Clubs leaders get to learn more about Rotary and its goals, how to get more involved, what
resources are available, and how to make the most impact. It makes the kids and the Advisors more
confident for the year to come. This is a great opportunity that clubs your Rotary club sponsor(s) should take. It is super easy to register at our website, ! The deadline is October 11! In addition to the break-out sessions led by the Assistant Governors, we also have two amazing guest
speakers, DG David Simmer and Rotarian Life Coach Sarah Kay Harrison. This is a conference your clubs
do not want to miss, and even you (Rotarians) can attend if you want. We hope to see you and your clubs there!
Speaking of training leaders, did you know that our Interact District 5495 actually offers three
levels of leadership training; club level, district level, and international level? To the best of our
knowledge, we are the only Interact district in the world that does this.