Hello again! I hope you are all well! As of right now, we are moving full-speed-ahead for our first ever JR RYLA. Much like all the other RYLAs, this is a great opportunity for 6th, 7th, and 8thgraders to come out of their shell, learn leadership abilities, and make new friends. This camp will be on June 17-20 at Camp Wamatochick! This is where our council retreat was held last year, and it is perfect for JR RYLA. Online applications are being accepted, via the www.ryla5495.orgwebsite until May 17. We are so excited for this camp and are hopeful that it won’t be shutdown due to Corona restriction. Please talk to your clubs you sponsor, children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews, because this is a camp they do not want to miss!
 We are also setting our eyes onto the future! Even though I would love to be District Governor another year, online interviews are on the way for our 27 District Governor and Assistant Governor applications. These applicants are top high school Interactors who are ready to serve on the district level! We will be able to announce the next Interact District Governor the next time this newsletter comes out!
                  With Corona, we, as an Interact District Council and as the Ambassador Team, are lucky to be used to utilizing online videoconferencing to communicate. Speaking of the Ambassador Team, both the Mexico and Kenya team are going strong with their bi-weekly training meetings. The Kenya Team’s travel is being delayed at least 6 months, due to COVID-19 complications, but our Mexico Team is still on-track to be in Mexico in July. I know, as a Mexico Ambassador, and hearing from my team, that we would love to join one of your Rotary meetings online, and tell you what we are all about! We are also trying to plan a big Zoom call that anyone can join to hear our exciting story. If you want us to attend one of your meetings, please contact either me, macdonald.madelynn03@gmail.com, or Art! I hope you are staying healthy and safe! Until next time!