Posted by Gary Whiting
Navajo Nation receives $600 Million from the CARES Act, really???
Yes, it was good news to everyone’s ears that the Navajo Nation was to receive $600 Million of the $8 Billion set aside for all tribes through the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act)in March and it needs to be spent and accounted for by end of December 2020 and we are receiving questions about this as it relates to our Rotary water projects.  
It comes with restrictions. Restrictions that mandate the money can only be usedto cover expenses that are “incurred due to the public health emergency” and not water as highlighted in
We now know that washing your hands often, wearing a face mask and social distancing has made a positive impact against this COVID-19 virus, but when about 40% of the Navajo Nation doesn’t have inside running tap water and/or toilet it makes it next to impossible to follow these guidelines as highlighted in
We as Arizona D5495 Rotarians through Rotary Foundation Global Grants have helped with three (3) Global Grants sponsored by the Gilbert RC for 18 homes, Sun Lakes RC for 33 homes and Four Peaks RC for 80 homes.  And now the Sedona RC is sponsoring Global Grant #2014122for 80+ homes or as funds raised will allow in the Dilkon, Arizona area that will be submitted for approval by the Rotary Foundation for Rotary year 2020-2021.
This Global Grant #2014122is now taking $ pledges from Rotary clubs and individual Rotarians that will be called for later in this Rotary year 2020-2021.  Please send an email with your Club Pledge as well as individual Rotarians to the attention of Sun Lakes RC Past District Governor, Gary Whiting glw602bmw@wbhsi.comor John McKoy jmckoy339@gmail.comwho are assisting the Sedona RC with funding this grant.  It will be documented as a PLEDGE for later collection.  
Together, we can help bring more inside running tap water to Navajo homes!