We have speakers for your club regarding The Rotary Foundation
Clubs may need to provide an audio/video set up for speakers.

Why The Rotary Foundation Matters
  • Purpose: To inspire Rotarians and to provide the reasons to embrace all aspects of The Rotary Foundation as the Charity of Choice•
  • Subject: A personal journey from opponent to proponent of world community projects. It will inspire Rotarians to give to The Rotary Foundation.
  • Program length: 20 minutes + time for questions
  • Speaker: DGE David Simmer
The Rotary Foundation – 101:
  • Purpose: To provide some basic understanding of TRF from both the spending and givingperspective. This is good for new Rotarians and a good refresher for all others.
  • Subject: An overview of all that encompasses The Rotary Foundation from how funds are spentand how contributions are appropriated from giving. This program gives both new Rotariansinformation and long standing Rotarians reminders of “how it all works!”
  • Program length: 20 minutes minimum. It always helps to leave time for questions.
  • Speaker: Jim Bissonett, DRFC Chair (and others)

The Good Foundation
  • Purpose: To inspire activity and giving to TRF.
  • Subject: A discussion of Rotary Foundation projects from clubs within our district that willinspire Rotarians to be involved in international projects and to give to TRF. This presentationwill emotionally engage Rotarians.
  • Program length: 20 minutes. Subject matter and time length can be adjusted depending on clubpreferences.
  • Speaker: PDG Craig Wilson, DRFC Fundraising Chair
  • 7.28.18

Navajo Water Project
  • Purpose: To showcase an a Global Grant project that is in the USA.
  • Subject: Running water is not available to many people of the Navajo Nation i Arizona and New Mexico. This presentation is an eye opener for why the global grant area of focus of Water and Sanitation is so meaningful and life changing. This is emotionally engaging!
  • Program length: 20 minutes, more or less. Leave plenty of time for questions, because there will be a lot!
  • Speaker: PDG Gary Whiting and John McCoy, Navajo Water Project Chairs

Microcredit Projects
  • Purpose: To showcase how Rotarians can uplift people economically and out of extreme poverty
  • Subject: This is one of the most successful year-after-year projects from clubs within our district. It starts with lending money to people who can’t get loans from anywhere else. This is how Rotarians can change the world for the better by helping families achieve economic improvement that impacts both their families and community.
  • Program length: 20 minutes or more. Lots of questions will follow!
  • Speaker: PDG Abe Feder, DRFC Microcredit Chair
Polio Update
  • Purpose: To educate and to provide Rotarians a reason to give… and to end this disease forever!
  • Subject: This is Rotary International’s top priority and legacy! We are close to ending this disease, but we need to continue the battle. You will be updated on polio cases around the world and what needs to be done over the next several years. Also, you will find out how a
  • Rotarian’s contribution can be tripled!
  • Program length: 20 minutes, but adjustable
  • Speaker: Bob Zarling, DRFC Polio Chair