Message from Michael G. Hayes
Chair, Rotary Action Group for Peace
You are different from every other person on this planet. Out of the 8+ Billion people on this planet, you are unique. It is also safe to say that out of every person who has ever existed, you are unique. There has never been and never will be anyone exactly like you. There may be people who are similar, whether it be similarities in thought, beliefs, physical attributes, or in a multitude of other ways; yet each of us are different.
Our job, as citizens of the world and Rotarians, is to help everyone who is different than us (which is everyone else on the planet) experience the same opportunities that we have. That is what Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is about. Fundamental fairness to everyone is not a political position, it is about removing barriers to those who might be different than you. That is why across the globe, most major companies, businesses, other service organizations like Kiwanis, Lions Club, and Rotary International have adopted DEI Policies.
If DEI helps us to overcome our differences, overcome our biases, overcome our fears of what we do not know; that will help us to build stronger relationships, build stronger communities, and be more supportive of one another. Ultimately accepting each other’s differences will help us to build Peace. Let us be intentional about building Peace and Creating Hope!!!