Posted by Steve Bjornstad
Pandemic Bingeing?… Surely there is something better
If you’ve been spending time binge watching - Tigger Prince…Breaking OK…Star Truck…As the Stomach Turns…whatever - by now you’ve probably had your fill of escapism and are beginning to yearn for substance. You know that you want to stay Rotarian-engaged but are needing some encouragement.
Well… Your D5495 Peace Builder Network is putting together a new Peace Resources site populated with videos of substance. Videos designed both to inform and inspire you in this time when you may be struggling to stay engaged. Some will be short, some much longer. All will be related to at least one RI Area of Focus.
Here are 3 links to get you started…and encouraged!
Braver Angels(formerly Better Angels) to depolarize American politics. Our work is rooted in grassroots organizing. From the grassroots however, our volunteer leaders (supported by a small staff) leverage Braver Angels programs and unique organizing structure to impact community life and American institutions.  
[For more information, contact Tempe South Rotarian Patrick Walsh]
Speak Up-Stand Up-Save a Life students to be aware of warning signs and to speak up to a trusted adult about depression, suicide, grief, abuse and bullying is the first step to saving a life. These students save each other; we just give them the tools and resources to do it.  
[For more information, contact PDG Rotarian Nancy Van Pelt]
Project Starfish an Arizona program from the McCain Institute and others which seeks to help teachers and school administrators integrate awareness about sex trafficking into school activities and classrooms. This link will take you to web-based module, Sex Trafficking 101, and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete
  [For more information, contact Sun City Rotarian Steve Bjornstad]