Julie Cruz and Michael Book
Susan Nicholson introduced two community Outreach Coordinators from Valley Metro—Julie Cruz and Michael Book 
Julie and Michael spoke about Light Rail, now celebrating its tenth anniversary!  As members know, in August, voters defeated Prop 105 which would have ended all future rail expansion projects in Phoenix, but Valley Metro can now continue to work to reach its goals including bringing people together through a seam-less transportation system and providing riders with safe, comfortable and reliable travel. 
Some basic facts: In 2017 Light Rail had 16.5 million riders compared to 2.8 million in 2007. Light Rail results in 15-minute savings of travel time during rush hour and 35,000+ jobs have been created within one-half mile of light rail since 2008. 
Michael spoke about Phase II of the Northwest Extension that by 2023 will extend light rail west on Dunlap from 19th Avenue, running north on the east side of 25th Avenue (right by Rusty’s Avenue 25) to Mountain View and across I-17 on two new bridges and ending near Metrocenter Mall. The Metrocenter Station will be the first elevated station in the Light Rail System. A four-story park-and-ride garage will be next to the center. 
Thanks to our speakers for a most informative update on Light Rail happenings in our area.