The next RLI sessions will be held on January 26 at the DeVry Westgate campus. All three sessions will be offered. You can register at:
We believe Rotary Leadership Institute is the best way to learn more about Rotary outside your club. Don’t let the word “leadership” in the name scare you away. While many programs in the Rotary world, like PETS - the president elect training seminar, are designed to prepare future club leaders, RLI is more about personal leadership and the ability to tap into the many different ways Rotary can be a vehicle for you to express your passion in service. We cover topics like service projects, ethics, vocational service, the Rotary Foundation, fundraising and even public speaking. Some people like to call it the college of knowledge for all things Rotary.
The best part is you learn from your peers, not lectures from the old guard. There is no single right way to do anything in Rotary and so we look at the many ways clubs approach challenges and discuss what works and what doesn’t. Most clubs recognize the sacrifice members make in attending RLI and are willing to reimburse the cost to their members. If your club doesn’t do this, ask why not. It is one of the highest-return investments a club can make in membership.
The program has no requirements for attendance. It is open to all members and one of the really interesting things about the program is the varied experience of the participants. We almost always have members that are brand new to Rotary, as well as members that may have spent multiple decades in a club or in different clubs. And often they’ll sit right next to each other. That always provides an exciting dynamic and a really positive learning experience. If anyone in your club is an RLI graduate or has attended a session, ask them about it.
We have a corps of experienced facilitators, many of whom are past district governors and others who have specific expertise in different areas. And this January, we will be holding a special facilitator training led by Past Rotary International Director and Vice President Greg Podd. Not only will we be sharpening our RLI skills but all district facilitators have been invited. If you received an invitation but have not yet registered, please do so now. The facilitator workshop is January 12 in Phoenix.