Posted by PDG Nancy Van Pelt
Has COVID Fatigue Slowed Us Down?
ROTARY GRATEFULNESS WEEK is the perfect time to remember the people whose selfless work has done so much to reduce conflict and increase our ‘inner peace’ during these stressful and uncertain times.
During the early months of our ongoing Global Pandemic, individuals throughout the world were inspired by the courage and commitment of the people on the front line.  We creatively took action to demonstrate our gratitude and support of healthcare workers, first responders, essential service workers and more, from balconies and porches and from the air.  We made masks and meals and appreciation baskets. 
Now, 7-plus months later, weariness has set in.  The virus is still with us, and the efforts of our frontline workers are still risky and exhausting.  Are we remembering them?  Could they use a little “TLC”?  
Our Big West Zone Director, Johrita Solari, has spearheaded a very special initiative for ALL of the Districts, Clubs, and Members throughout our Zone, called Rotary Gratefulness Week.  
Here in D5495 all clubs are encouraged to take part in Rotary Gratefulness Week, November 16-22, 2020. The attached flyer from Johrita provides some ideas forcelebrating essential workers.If your club or individual members are inspired to Take Action to acknowledge our frontline workers, please let us know!  Email a brief description of your activity, including club name, date, and club contact, and 1- 3 photos, to Nancy Van Pelt.
Be creative!
Contributed by Nancy Van Pelt, D5495 Peacebuilders Network