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Presidential conferences showcase Rotaract
RI President Holger Knaack will hold three virtual presidential conferences that will showcase the leadership of Rotaract members and collaboration between Rotaract and Rotary around the world. Knaack said he chose to focus on Rotaract leaders because young people have the potential to reshape our organization: “The COVID-19 epidemic has made clear that we are living in a different world, a world dominated by young people with the foresight and drive to take advantage of rapid change.” The three events will be hosted from Brazil, 15-16 January; Nigeria, 22-24 January; and the United States, 14-16 May.
Protecting the environment
Through Rotary’s new area of focus, protecting the environment, members will work to comprehensively solve specific problems that harm the environment. This will give us bigger opportunities to build on the service we’re already doing to improve the environment in our communities. Members can apply for global grants in this area beginning next 1 July. Learn more about how Rotary helps protect the environment.
It might seem like a small thing, but a logo that isn’t used properly can create confusion and mistrust. We always want to use Rotary’s logos consistently and properly to maintain a global Rotary brand that members, donors, and the public can trust. Over the next year, we plan to talk much more about branding. In the first of a series of Rotary Voices blog posts on this topic, Rotary’s brand specialist, Liz Thiam, explains why clubs should use the Rotary logo correctly in their communities and how they can do that.