Posted by Harry Short
I'm over the moon at Malaria Partners International (formerly Rotarian Malaria Partners) win of the first RI "Programs of Scale" award.  The Kyrene and Tempe Downtown Rotary Clubs were Arizona pioneers in providing financial support to Rotarian Malaria Partners to continue our very successful malaria elimination work in Uganda and begin our malaria elimination program in Zambia.  Ninety percent of the 400,000 to 500,000 annual worldwide malaria deaths are in Subsaharan Africa, and the vast majority of those deaths are children under 5 and mothers.  We are Rotary!  We "fight disease" and "save mothers and children" two of Rotary's 8 Areas of Focus! 
I hope you will read this announcement and join me in celebration!  Just "click" on the link (blue phrase) in Jenny's email to see it.  There is such enormous strength in partnerships.  I was fortunate to visit Uganda in early 2018 to understand the malaria elimination program there, and subsequently served on RMP's Board during 2018-19 as well as make RMP presentations at several AZ clubs during 2018-19.  I remain an annual contributor to, and Ambassador for Malaria Partners International.  
Good morning,
Today Rotary International announced Partners for a Malaria-Free Zambia as its first Programs of Scale award recipient and we are free to share this previously-embargoed information widely. Congratulations to everyone involved in this monumental achievement!
Jenny Andrews