My name is Raquel and the Rotary Club of Verde Valley sponsored my grant from The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona, and helped me achieve my goals.  When I first came across the job of phlebotomy, I said, "That is what I want to be!"
I spent some time researching to find the best and most affordable phlebotomy program.  Once I found a school I thought would fully prepare me for a phlebotomy career, I enrolled.  Government aide did not cover Arizona Medical Training Institute - the school where I wanted to complete my program.  Therefore, I looked at other organizations that could help.  I applied to TRVFA and shortly was contacted by The Verde Valley Rotary Club.  They asked me to attend one of their meetings and introduce myself.  They kindly welcomed me and asked me what my plan was including my future goals and how much financial assistance I needed.  I explained that I was only asking for half of my total tuition cost.  They later reached out to me and said they were approving their club's sponsorship of my grant request for the total cost of my tuition.
I successfully completed my phlebotomy program in Phoenix, Arizona.  I currently work for Labcorp as a Phlebotomist.  I have been motivated to advance in this field, so I am furthering my education to pursue a degree in laboratory science to become a medical lab technician.  I am so grateful to TRVFA!