Posted by Jeanie Morgan
The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona wants to share a story shared by Board Member Jeanie Morgan:  Mesa West Rotary includes recipients of TRVFA grants in the subscribers to their weekly electronic Messenger.  During the weeks the club was not meeting face-to-face, they asked members and subscribers to submit happy thoughts or concerns for publication.  Jennifer who they sponsored to receive a grant to attend the LPN Program at East Valley Institute of Technology beginning in May, 2019 responded with the following:  
"My happy thought is witnessing our state of Arizona pulling together as a team!  I drive a lot for my home health care job. I am all over the valley. On one spot in particular, is a message the Scottsdale ballpark continues to display every day since the Coronavirus outbreak. It reads 'Bee happy,'“ with a cute flower and bee picture.   Another  message follows with  'Smile' and hearts following after it !! 
"PS - My income has improved $7 an hour with my education.   I moved my kids and I into our own home.  I pay rent myself, supply food, daily needs and then some!! I can now pay for my daughter to ride in horse shows!! Thank you Rotary club, because of you, I pay it forward every day! I look forward to helping someone with their education.  (once my kids are grown and out of the house) Until then, I focus on what I can do -take the neighbors garbage out, tip a waitress a little more .. etc..." 
When a club sponsors a TRVFA grant, the club has no financial responsibility, but we hope District Rotarians and Rotary Clubs will support TRVFA with their donations so there are plenty of funds to create many more stories like Jennifer's.  CLICK HERE to donate on-line.
Budgeted funds for grants for the 2019-20 fiscal year have been exhausted.  TRVFA is accepting applications for grants for vocational education programs starting after July 1, 2020.