Merry Christmas
From all the Exchange Students of District 5495
Christmas is over for all our foreign exchange students. They had their district wide Christmas party, including the Grand Canyon and its many wonders covered in powdery snow.
This year, they all got together and met up at the Yavapai Lodge next to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. For some of them it was the very first time seeing what is one of the seven natural wonders of the world.
To celebrate the holidays, they even did a White Elephant Gift Exchange and some of the highlights of the presents, that got stolen a lot, were a pair of slippers, a cozy blanket and a plastic lightsaber.
Another trip some of the exchange students got to do is to go to Mexico with some of the Rotarians from two of our Phoenix clubs. The Phoenix 101 and Mesa West club members Chuck Flint, Brendan Kennedy and Dave Howell organized a trip down to a small fishing village named Puerto Lobos, located at the coast of the Sea of Cortez. Chuck has been visiting the town for over 40 years now and this year’s December trip was a lot of fun for all exchange students, who were able to go. Six of them went on the trip: Caio, Elsa, Maci, Jacob, Lisa B and Max.
Some of the other upcoming trips include a journey to Los Angeles over New Year’s and, of course, the RYLA Pinerock camp, which is going to be the next occasion where all exchange students are coming together at the same time in January.
Happy New Year!