Hi everyone, check out RYE's TV/Radio appearance this morning!!  The tv/radio program runs in all of Northern Arizona/Verde Valley/Yavapai County areas, with studios in Cottonwood, Flagstaff and Prescott Valley.
Machel, Tristan (RYE Inbound-Sedona), and Leo (RYE Outbound-Flagstaff) did an amazing job promoting our Short Term and Long Term Youth Exchange Program!  
This was a first, but it's my hope that we can continue to promote our RYE program with more media coverage!  The larger audience that we capture, the more RYE candidates and host families to be gained!  
It aired live on both Verde Valley TV (Cable One channel 56
and/or Suddenlink channel 2) and on KYBC 96.3 FM.
It re-runs at 2 pm on KKLD.
It also airs multiple times a day for 4 days on TV, check the cable providers schedule for times.
The episode remains permanently on their website, verdevalleytv.com, and
their Facebook page:

Check it out!