Posted by DG Elizabeth Mahoney
Attention Rotary Friends,
It has come to my attention that many Rotarians are receiving scam emails.  
I want everyone to be safe, so I am sending some helpful tips to remember:
  • Always check the sender's email address to see if it matches the name.  If it is not an email address you recognize, it often times is a scam.  Please do not click on any links or respond.
  • Scam emails can contain poor grammar and misspellings.  If it doesn't "sound" like the person you know, it is a red flag.
  • Never purchase giftcards or send money electronically.  This is a nationwide scam - often times taking $$$$ thousands from nice and kind individuals.
  • IRS and the Social Security Administration will not contact you directly via phone or email.  If you are worried, hang up and call them directly using the numbers provided on or
  • Do not click on links to update your password or payment information through email.  Scammers are very sophisticated, and will take you to a site that looks like the real one.  Emails look like they are through Amazon, Paypal, etc - but they won't contact you to update payment information via email.  Only update items when you are being proactive and have logged in to your personal account directly.  
  • When in doubt - do not respond or reply to the email.  Call the person who you think it's from and verify it is an accurate email.
Thank you all.  It's unfortunate that scamming and phishing emails are so prevelant.  Stay on guard!  
Thank you,
Elizabeth Mahoney
District Governor, Rotary International District 5495
Rotary Club of Sun City