Rotary Club of Scottsdale members and guests were inspired by representatives of Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona (BIAAZ) at a recent
luncheon meeting held at McCormick Ranch Golf Club.  Rotarian Alex Cimochowski introduced Carrie Collins-Fadell who serves as Executive
Director of BIAAZ.  Ms. Collins-Fadell and her team work to ensure the efforts of all professionals who work with survivors of brain injury are
successful when the patients finish rehabilitation or medical treatment and begin to live the rest of their lives.
As part of Ms. Collins-Fadell's talk, she introduced Jim Wedgwood who shared his personal story.  Mr. Ledgewood completed his bachelor's degree in architecture, moved to Arizona to pursue his first job, settle down and purchase a home.  His dream was shattered when he was struck by a random bullet.  He told the Rotarians how he worked diligently to rebuild his life. Blind and deaf on his left side, he continued to struggle with the remnants of a traumatic brain injury. It took seven years before Mr. Ledgewood finally received the appropriate diagnosis from a neuropsychologist and began rebuilding his life with help from BIAAZ.  Now  Mr. Ledgewood is involved in public advocacy, speaking on behalf of victims of crime and involved with a support group that helps him and others along their lifetime journey of recovery. 

In closing, Ms. Collins-Fadell shared information and answered questions about the 35-year old organization's mission, the traumatic and
non-traumatic causes of brain injuries, the organization's storytelling mask art projects, as well as, how her organization supports, educates, advocates and prevents brain injuries.   

The Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona website is or anyone can call
the info line 602-508-8024.