The Sun Lakes Rotary Club recently participated in a Friendship Exchange with Rotarians and friends from District 9640 in Australia.
The eight Friendship Exchange Australians from D-9640, New South Wales/Queensland, gave a presentation, highlighting its 51 clubs with over 1,200 members. The District’s main effort this year is focused on its malaria vaccine project. The Commonwealth of Australia was formed on January 1, 1901, with the signing of their Constitution and the federation of colonies joining, six British colonies of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. The Australia flag has the Union Jack in the canton of a blue field, displaying five white stars in the form of the Southern Cross and a 7-point Commonwealth Star, representing the six Australian states and the Northern Territory. The name Australia was derived from the Latin Terra Australis, a name used for a hypothetical    continent in the Southern Hemisphere since ancient times. 
Team Leader Chris Wheelahan of the Grafton Club started it off and shared info on his family,
Grafton, and its Jacaranda Festival. Then Graeme Hargreaves of the Lismore West Club imparted to us his retiring from a government job and coming back to Australia and buying a macadamia nut farm. Spouse Helen is involved with the Australian Girl Guides (“Scouts”). Lismore West has donated more than $75,000 to various charities over the past three years. Eau Claire, WI, is its sister city. Janette Glynn of the Banora Tweed Club related to us about her hometown, Murwillumbah, population 9,245. The club’s main project is the assembling and distribution of birthing kits to those in need. They also emphasize youth-focused projects. Rod (incoming President) and Jeannette Fry of the Banora Tweed Club live in Kingscliff, population of about 10,000. Also incoming President Ian Roberson of the Currumbin Club highlighted his club’s monthly car booth sale project.  Lastly the Australians gave a heartfelt thanks to us for our hospitality and to Frank Wiley who led our club’s efforts.