The Sun Lakes Rotary Club recently completed a local service project that was suggested last January by Sun Lakes Rotarian Dwight Snyder. Rotarian Snyder indicated that the community might be well served if the Club could place an outdoor seating area at the east entrance of the Centum Health Building in Sun Lakes. His idea made sense, so Rotarian Peter Meade applied for a District Grant from Rotary District 5495 for the purpose of installing some benches. Once notice that the grant had been approved, Peter met with Tami Conradson from Centum Health Properties who agreed to match the Club’s funding dollar for dollar. 
On Tuesday, August 20th, several members of the Club went to Centum Health Building to celebrate the successful “unveiling” of two 8-ft. long benches and a round picnic table. Plaques on the benches recognized that the Sun Lakes Rotary Club helped to make it happen.