Submitted by Robert Wertz
District 5495 Peacebuilder Chair 2023
Dear Friends of Peace,
As my wife and I spent Thanksgiving away from home, that meant being apart from our loving animal companions. While we enjoyed our time together in a different holiday setting, we both know when it's time to return home to reconnect with our devoted companions.

For those of us that have these close relationships, you understand. What I find challenging is the callous disregard that many people have for these sources of unconditional love.

When I encounter these situations, I allow the following ripple to gently dilute thoughts of concern. 
"10th Ripple of Peace: Listen to music that exemplifies Peace to you".

"Music can affect mood. It can inspire our creativity, enhance our wellbeing, increase our energy and uplift our spirits.  It can also help us relax. Some music even speaks to our hearts or stirs our souls, reminding us of our reflection of the divine.

Make it a habit to play music that instills Peace - at home, at work and in your car. And remember to use music regularly to maintain your positive mood.

Be mindful of the lyrics of music you listen to regularly. Words that affirm love, Peace and joy contribute to your experience of Peacefulness".
From Ripples of Peace: 111 Ways You Can Help Create Peace in the World by, Rae Thompson.

On those rare occasions when we may not be able to listen to music, hum a favorite tune or mantra. For some, humming is considered a form of internal massage. The combination of conscious breath work and an affirmative song is a powerful antidote to the woes of the world.

Imagine ...
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