By Past D5500 Governor Diane Ventura-Goodyear
Due to the increase in applications, and the exceptional success rate that "Vocational Training" is providing, the Board at TRVFA decided it was critical to automate.
Further information to follow in the upcoming weeks.
Donations are always needed to keep up with this huge demand. Here is the link to the website: 
Keep TRVFA on the top of your list when deciding where to allocate your AZ State Tax Credit. Remember TRVFA is a state-wide Rotary Organization: EDUCATION BENEFITS OUR STATE.
(Arizona’s Credit For Contributions To A Qualifying Charitable Organization: QCO Code is 20698.)
Why Educate?
  • Create More Employment Opportunities
  • Secure a Higher Income
  • Improving Arizona's Economy
  • Giving Back to the Community
  • Provide a Prosperous and Happy Life for Students and Their Families
PDG Diane Ventura-Goodyear