Dear Rotarians and Friends:
I trust this message finds you well. It's often said that visuals can speak louder than words. With that in mind, I've attached a video capturing the highlights of our recent Ukrainian School Opening event. Your unwavering support and contributions played a pivotal role in making this a success.
1 September 2023 heralds a significant milestone in our unyielding commitment to education and service. Overflowing with pride and gratitude, we celebrate the opening of the Ukrainian School in Budapest—a radiant beacon of hope for countless Ukrainian refugee children.
In February 2022, the unsettling tides of war brought many Ukrainian kids across the Hungarian border. Recognizing this immediate need for a Ukrainian School in Budapest, the Rotary Club Budapest-City, in alliance with two Rotary Districts, six esteemed Rotary clubs, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Crowne Plaza Budapest, and the Rotaract Budapest International, united to bring this vision to life.
The Rotary Club of Scottsdale and the Rotary Club of Goodyear-Pebblecreek were two of the clubs that participated in the project.
Funds raised: HUF 21.8 million 
Resources acquired:
  • 7 school boards
  • 6 smart boards
  • 2 advanced projectors
  • 120 chairs
  • 60 school tables
  • 17 spacious school wardrobes
Pooling our collective resources and spirit, we amassed HUF 21.8 million, birthing a state-of-the-art educational centre for 130 Ukrainian refugee students from grades 5-11 and an additional 60 enthusiastic pre-schoolers. Nestled in Hungary's vibrant core, this institution signifies more than brick and mortar—it exemplifies an amalgamation of cultures, symbolizing the unmatched strength of unity and endless potential. This summer, our students dived deep into enriching activities, mastering new languages, forging lifelong friendships, and much more.
Looking forward, our vision broadens. Our goal? To have 700 Ukrainian kids studying in our school by next academic year. We're not only supporting education, but also building bridges, healing past wounds, and crafting a brighter future.
Boundless thanks to all our sponsors and collaborators, prominently our District Governor Mrs Erzsébet Kovácsné Gila and Past District Governors Mr László Réti and Mr Frici Németh, Rotary Hungary District 1911, Rotary Utah District 5420, Rotary Club Budapest-City, Rotary Club Budapest-Center, Rotary Club Kingston, Rotary Club Moab, Rotary Club of Goodyear PebbleCreek, Rotary Club Scottsdale, Rotaract Club Budapest International, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Crowne Plaza Budapest and the Ukrainian School representatives, Olena and Serhiy. A special nod to the Rotary Club Budapest City's Task Force Team: Henning, Iulian, Tatjana and Viktória.
To horizons filled with hope, unity, and brilliance. Let's persist in sowing seeds of hope and exemplifying the spirit of Rotary 🍀
We'd also like to extend an invitation for our online meeting planned for 19 September 2023, at 7.00 pm Budapest time. This session will focus on the Ukrainian School Global Grant initiative, and we truly value and anticipate your participation and continued support.
Remark: 60 brand new chairs already arrived this week. The rest will be delivered within 3 weeks.
Wishing you a fantastic weekend ahead.
Enjoy Rotary 🌻
Warm regards,
Viktória Vita Griessmüller 
President 2023/24
Rotary Club Budapest-City
+36 70 289 7890