Editor's note: The following letter was sent to DG Larry Horton.
Dear colleague, Governor Larry Horton.
I am Vitalii Lesko, Governor of D2232, Ukraine. There is only one District in Ukraine. I am a Governor in the country where there is a war.
Since the first days of the war, the Rotarians of Ukraine have devoted all their time to the prevention and elimination of humanitarian crises that are constantly breaking out in different parts of Ukraine. The situation now is no better than it was at the beginning of the war. Threats and volumes of the crisis are only growing. Tens of thousands of people have already died. Millions of people were left without homes and livelihoods. Tens of millions were forced to leave their homes and flee the war.
In the very first days of my service as Governor, I visited all the front-line cities, all our humanitarian centers, talked with Clubs and Rotarians.
Kharkiv. 140 days under daily shelling, bombs, rockets, artillery, 20 km to the front line. Most of the residential buildings and infrastructure facilities were destroyed.
There are 8 Rotary Clubs in the city and a large humanitarian hub, which has also been hit by enemy missiles.
Zaporizhzhia. 2/3 of the territory of the region is under occupation. Hunger, violence, torture. Rotarians receive waves of refugees from the occupied territories, and under constant fire, continue their service.
Mykolayiv. From the first days of the war, enemy tanks broke into the city. Our army managed to free the city and throw the enemy back almost 20 km in heroic and fierce street battles. With wild anger, the enemy has been bombing peaceful residential areas with bombs and rockets for several months.
There are many such cities and stories.
Rotary clubs have not stopped their service. Heroically 24/7 risking their lives, they save, feed, treat people. In some cities, only Rotarians are engaged in this, other organizations could not withstand daily threats.
I am proud and delighted with the Ukrainian Rotarians, but we need the support and help of the Rotarians of the world. We have problems with products, medicines, and special transport in almost all cities.
Our values such as humanity, leadership, sincerity and generosity led to the fact that a neighboring country decided to destroy us.
I am convinced of our victory, but it will not happen tomorrow and to endure we must be united. We will be grateful for any donation for the saving of Ukrainians.
You can indicate exactly for which needs you want to spend your donation on and we will definitely send you the detailed report.
Financial information for sending the donations in is below.

I sincerely wish you and your family peace and goodness.
Governor of D2232, Ukraine,
Vitalii Lesko
   Vitalii LESKO     DG2232     2022/2023
+38 099 2232 000