We all know The Rotary Foundation is one of the most highly regarded charities in the world!  It is known for its efficient use of donations and effective management of local and international projects.  When you think of organizations that you support, The Rotary Foundation should be every Rotarian’s charity of choice!
Of course, all these projects happen at the club level.  Clubs do 95% of Rotary’s international projects around the world using the Global Grant system.  Every international project is assigned two primary club partners:  the host club and the international club.  Other clubs can contribute to the project as well.
Our District ranks #1 in Zone 26 for club participation in Global Grants.  We have 50% of all our clubs participating either as a partner or contributor.  That means our clubs are doing well for supporting international service!
However, we need to boost our giving to the Annual Fund to support our projects.  Our per capita giving is currently far behind what we have done in the past.   What can we do to increase our giving? 
Effective giving to The Rotary Foundation starts with a personal commitment.  Just like with any charitable organization, funds are continually needed to sustain the work that is being done.  Consider an automated recurring gift through a credit card or bank account.  A recurring gift easy to set up and easy to maintain.  One can set this up on the Rotary International website or with a completed form (i.e. Rotary Direct).   Please contact your club’s TRF chair or President, if you need assistance.   Or contact anyone on the District Rotary Foundation team.  Our team is listed with contact information on the District Website:  Charlie Teagarden, Barb Feder, Jim Dowler, Craig Wilson and Jim Bissonett. 
Beginning January 1, 2019, please make a personal commitment to contribute to The Rotary Foundation!