Most Rotary club leaders know that a portion of each club member’s dues paid to Rotary International purchases general liability insurance and directors & officers liability insurance for the clubs and the district. However, you may not know who is covered, or for how much.
These active Rotary organizations in the U.S. and its territories and possessions are named insureds under the Program:
  • Rotary clubs (including newly chartered Rotary clubs)
  • Rotary districts
  • Rotary club foundations*
  • Rotary district foundations*
  • Interact clubs
  • Rotaract clubs
  • Rotary Community Corps
  • Certified youth exchange organizations (certified by Rotary International)
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)
  • President-elect training seminar organizations (including multi-district organizations)
Insureds include members, employees, and volunteers of these organizations while acting within the course and scope of their roles for the above organizations.
  • The following criteria are considered when confirming a U.S. Rotary club foundation or district foundation is covered as a named insured under the Program:
    • Foundation was created by a formal decision of a Rotary club or district;
    • All of its principals, officers, and board members are dues-paying Rotary club members, other than honorary members;
    • The Rotary club or district that created the foundation should have the sole authority to name or remove foundation board members;
    • The foundation is income tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code;
    • The foundation operates with the sole purpose of supporting the goals of the Rotary club or district through fundraising and contributions to nonprofit organizations and/or individuals in need.
What are the per claim maximum limits under our Rotary insurance?
  • $7,250,000 for General Liability
  • $2,025,000 for Directors” & Officers’ / Employment Practices Liability
To obtain a Certificate of Insurance: Visit Gallagher’s Insight at:
To report an incident:
  • Download an Incident Report Form from the Insurance Information Portal
  • Complete and email the form to Risk Management at, or by fax to (847) 556-2147.
For questions, contact Gallagher at 1-833-376-8279, or amail RI Risk Management at