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What is $20,000 Dream Vacation Raffle 2018?

$20,000 Dream Vacation Raffle 2018 is a multi-non-profit raffle which offers a grand prize of $20,000 that may be used toward the winners Dream Vacation or any other purpose. Raffle tickets are only $25.00 each and may be purchased online or in-person. For every 5 tickets in a single purchase, the buyer will receive 1 free raffle ticket. If fewer than 1600 tickets are purchased, the grand prize will be one-half the raffle sales proceeds. For each paid ticket that a non-profit refers, it will receive $7.50 after the raffle drawing (April 27,2018 or when tickets sell out). Non-profit referral proceeds must be used only for the type(s) of project(s) your non-profit listed in referral communications of the raffle opportunity.

To participate, download and complete the Referral Partner Sign-up Form and email to John Nieman at niemanjv@iname.com.

For more information contact John Nieman at niemanjv@iname.com, 626-672-8635 or Jim Hilliard at jim@jrhilliard.com, 480-257-4574.

If your non-profit does not wish to participate as a referral partner, you may still support the fundraising efforts and have a chance to win up to $20,000. Simply click on one of the links below to buy your tickets.