United States of America

Rotary Gratefulness Week:

Join Rotarians from all over as we say thank you to our essential workers!  Being an essential worker during this pandemic means potentially exposing themselves and their families to COVID-19 while performing their job duties.

Suggested ways to celebrate essential workers:

  • Coordinate a vehicle parade to drive past their business location.  Decorate the vehicle with thank you signs.  Be sure to follow the rules of the road.
  • Provide meals for the late shift at the hospital, police department, fire department, etc.
  • Hand out gift cards to local restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops.
  • Provide needed personal protective equipment.
  • Hand out appreciate cards.
  • Take out an ad in the local newspaper appreciating essential workers.

For more information: please contact PDG, Nancy Van Pelt.


Thank you for being generous Rotarians!!!